Proofreading History

AUDISEE, Seattle, 1/11–8/12
Checking brochures for grammar and spelling inaccuracies, as well as for consistency of style, content and presentation of information across all products.

Washington Trails magazine, Seattle, 6/04–8/04
First-pass proofreading of Washington Trails Association’s magazine.

The CarTours Foundation, Seattle, 6/03–1/05
Checking brochures, inserts, and CD liner notes for grammar and spelling inaccuracies as well as for consistency of style, content, and presentation of information across the family of products.

Jennifer McCord Associates, Seattle, 6/03–1/05
Working with different clients handled by the agency, including nonprofit organizations and individual authors.

The Mountaineers Books, Seattle, 4/03–7/04
Proofreading of galley proofs for nonfiction books, such as Leave No Trace: A Guide to New Wilderness Etiquette and Wilderness Navigation.

uncapped Magazine, Seattle, 1/03–8/03
Proofreading and tagging articles for the online Seattle WriterGrrls’ magazine.

Intern, The Mountaineers Books, Seattle 9/02-2/03
Final proofreading of hiking guidebooks, such as Hiking the Southwest Geology and Bugaboo Rock.

Intern, Horizon Air Magazine, Paradigm Communications, Seattle, 9/02
Final proofreading of the December 2002 issue of Horizon Air Magazine.